A Bunch of Rosemary Above The Front Door

A Bunch of Rosemary Above The Front Door

A Bunch of Rosemary Above The Front Door. You are among those who believe that there are positive energies and negative energies? If the answer is yes, then I have what is right for you and you can find what you need in the pizzeria.

just so, used rosemary. Good for a thousand uses, from focaccia, roasts and as the Romans did thousands of years ago, a bunch of rosemary at the entrance of your home, perhaps above the door, it could be the solution to get rid of all negative energies.

A Bunch of Rosemary Above The Front Door

The ancient Romans always used rosemary, they used it to worship spirits, in the Middle Ages it was used to ward off witches, as you can see, this plant has always been used against negative energies.

It does not mean that it still works today, but your guests who enter the house will certainly appreciate the scent of this delicious plant, rosemary.

Modern uses

In our school of pizza chefs where we carry out our weekly practical courses to become a pizza chef, we make great use of rosemary, not always to ward off negative energies, but very often we use it to give a fantastic scent to our focaccia and the like.

If you are interested not in rosemary, but how to become a fantastic pizza chef, sign up for one of our professional practical courses. You will find all the information here.


For all those who do not have the means or resources to come to our pizza school, I remember that here on our site there is a Fantastic Online Pizza Maker Course that you can follow comfortably from the sofa of your home. You will find all the information at this link.

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Silvio Cicchi