How To Make Yeast At Home

How To Make Yeast At Home

How To Make Yeast At Home. Every time I decide to make bread or pizza at home, I realize that I don't have any yeast available. Who knows how many times it has happened to you too.

Today we will see how to prepare yeast at home to always have it available and in large quantities.

How To Make Yeast At Home

We will prepare it as that gentleman did many years ago, who has not heard of the multiplication of bread and fish?

Let's prepare the ingredients: For the success of this "Miracle" we will need:

25 grams of water

25 grams of fresh yeast (8 grams of the dry one)

50 grams of flour zero.

How To Make Yeast At Home
How To Make Yeast At Home

The Preparation Of The Yeast

Heat the water with a saucepan a 28/30 degrees, not more, because it would kill the yeast. Once heated, dissolve the yeast cube in it and stir until it has dissolved completely.

At this point, add the water and yeast a little at a time i 50 grams of flour by kneading it with your hands or a spatula.

What to do now

After forming a ball with the mixture obtained, place it in a plastic container with an airtight cap and place it in the refrigerator to 3 days.

After i 3 days resume the dough, take it out of the container and make a sausage. Cut it into many pieces from 12 about grams and place them in freezer.

Ready and Always Available Yeast

Your cubes from 12 grams will be "Pure Yeast" that you can use whenever you need it.

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