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How To Make A Crunchy Pizza

Article updated on 09/09/2022

How To Make A Crunchy Pizza. Today we will discover the trick or secret to prepare a crunchy and yummy pizza. Let's start with choosing the perfect flour for our dough.

Whether it's the classic homemade pizza, or a plate of pizza in a pizzeria, to get the right crunchiness, or to use an Anglo-Saxon word the right "crunch", we must use a flour of type zero, because it is rich in gluten.

How To Make A Crunchy Pizza

There are many types of flours, but certainly the soft wheat flour type zero is the most suitable. Contains a high amount of gluten.

The high amount of gluten will allow us to obtain a dough with excellent elasticity, this will help us to work it correctly throughout its phase.

Why this type of flour

A dough rich in gluten can stand the long hours of rising without any problem, this will give us not only a good crunchiness, but the dough will be light and perfectly digestible.

So from now on, pay attention to what type of flour you will buy to prepare the pizza, but not only, for all types of leavened products including bread, flour type zero it is perfect for this type of work.


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