How to Clean the Hearthstone

How to Clean the Hearthstone

How to Clean the Hearthstone. Today we will talk about maintenance in the kitchen and in the pizzeria. In a previous article you find here, we have already talked about how to use the refractory stone to obtain a perfect pizza even in the home oven.

Today given the many questions that have come to me from the followers of my site, we will address a common problem, that is how to clean the refractory stone once used, since it gets dirty easily with oil residues, of mozzarella or tomato.

How to Clean the Hearthstone

I suppose anyone who works in a pizzeria already knows the simple method to clean the refractory base gas or electric oven, but at home which is the best and fastest way? Let's discover these simple tricks to make a refractory base return to its perfect splendor after having used it to cook pizzas at home..

Let's first see what never to do: Never pass a veil of oil!! This absolutely wrong remedy would unleash a stench of hell when our refractory base will heat up again in your oven the next time you use it to cook pizza and would leave an unpleasant smell.

The right method to clean the refractory stone

I saw someone who uses corn starch. Not bad, disinfects and cleans the stone without problems and without leaving bad odors. But there is an even better method that does not involve any physical work, let's find out which one.

Leave the baking stone in your oven at maximum temperature without doing anything about it 15 minutes after you have finished cooking your pizzas. The heat generated by the oven as if by magic will make any residue of dirt previously formed on your stone disappear.

Infallible pizza chef trick

When the refractory base of the oven gets dirty, the professional pizza chef is waiting 15 minutes and the same heat of the oven will clean the dirt that had formed previously. These tricks are learned while performing the Our professional practical courses that we carry out weekly in our pizza school.

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