If you stick potatoes to the pan, use these remedies

If you stick potatoes to the pan, use these remedies

If you stick potatoes to the pan, use these remedies. A self-respecting Sunday lunch always has baked potatoes as a side dish. The potatoes baked in the oven make this our consolidated habit special.

Problems come after lunch, when we have to wash our pots and pans. Immediately we realize that a layer has formed on the bottom of the pan due to the cooking of the potatoes which is really difficult to remove, and to think that in my opinion that is the best part.

If you stick potatoes to the pan, use these remedies

Today we will see how to avoid this inconvenience, and you will find that it is really easy. Let's start with the choice of potatoes. And, you will have understood that they are not all the same. The culprit that causes potatoes to stick to the baking sheet is starch, potatoes are very rich in starch.

Which Potatoes To Choose

 There are two types on the market, those with white paste that are very rich in starch and therefore perfect for mashed potatoes or gnocchi, and those with yellow flesh that contain less starch and therefore lend themselves better to being baked.

Now we have to pay attention to the next phase: Once peeled and cut into cubes or slices, our potatoes should be left to soak in a bowl for about an hour in cold water. You will see that the starch will settle on the bottom of the bowl. Rinse them to remove all the starch.

Baking in the oven

A good tip before starting cooking is to season the potatoes and the pan well with oil and salt and rosemary.. Someone blanch the potatoes for about ten minutes to speed up cooking, someone adds a pinch of baking soda during the boil to have a super crust on the potatoes.

Another trick could be to use parchment paper to prevent them from sticking to the bottom, but this method prevents the crust from forming, so I don't recommend it.


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Silvio Cicchi