Always keep the bread soft and fragrant

Always keep the bread soft and fragrant

Always keep the bread soft and fragrant. Reading here and there in the newspapers, I found that each of us in theory throws in the garbage can about 35 kilos of food every year.

That's a lot and we need to pay attention. Among the much food we throw away there is also bread. Let's see how not to waste this food.

Always keep the bread soft and fragrant

Many years ago, families made bread once a week, and the product remained edible for many days. Today things have changed, or rather the products have changed.

The refined flours, unfortunately they are beautiful to look at, but they have this ugly flaw: the next day the bread becomes hard as a stone. We should all buy wholemeal bread, but alas it is brown and looks ugly.

Always keep the bread soft and fragrant

So let's see how to store bread

Today we see how to store bread to have it always fresh and fragrant.

Freeze the bread. We consume it all day, breakfast lunch and dinner. It would be handy to be able to buy it once every week, cut it into single portion slices and put it in the freezer.

How to defrost bread

It would be enough to take it out of the freezer early and we would have solved the problem by now, but my suggestion to give fragrance and perfume to our bread again, is to put it in the toaster for a minute. Then, frozen slices in the toaster and product ready in one minute.

Absolutely avoid the microwave which is not good for bread or for the beloved pizza, seeing is believing.


The toaster trick will allow us not to waste food further.

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