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Pizzaioli course in Sofia Bulgaria

Pizzaioli course in Sofia Bulgaria. In March 2022 started the second professional course to become professional pizza chefs in Sofia, beautiful city and capital of Bulgaria.

The professional courses organized by Silvio Cicchi's school of pizza makers took place in the fantastic pizzeria owned by Mr.. Carlo Di Principe "OLIVE OIL in via: Street TSAR SAMUIL 60 Sofia. Support +359 897506376   Shop: .

Pizzaioli course in Sofia Bulgaria

If you are close to Sofia and intend to enroll in one of our professional practical courses, you can contact the number +359 89 912 6953.

Below is a short video made during the professional practical course of pizza chef.


The Course was wonderful and I think many more will be organized later. If you are out and about in the Bulgarian capital, surely you will happen to see our advertising along the streets.

Pizzaioli course in Sofia Bulgaria


Before you move on to greetings, I wanted to remind you that in our pizza school in Italy we organize individual practical courses every week. For more information about our courses, follow this link.

For the less fortunate who do not have the time or resources to come personally to our school, I remember that here on my site there is a fantastic online pizza chef course that you can follow comfortably from the sofa of your home. Just download it on your phone or pc and… done. For more information click this link.


I remind you that my latest collection of recipes that are absolutely monuments of Italian cuisine is already available for download, once always present in the menus of all pizzerias, but which unfortunately slowly ended up in oblivion. The book is called: Not only Pizza and you will find all the information here.

Don't forget to add this page to your favorite sites, it will be useful the next time you prepare pizza at home. They are available beyond 300 suggestions "Recipes" of pizza that you can freely consult a this link.

See you soon

Silvio Cicchi