Differentiated Where to Throw the Pizza Carton

Differentiated Where to Throw the Pizza Carton

Differentiated Where to Throw the Pizza Carton. Making a collection differentiated well done, from waste new objects can be created that are useful for our entire community.

Because I want to talk about this? Because often it is still not very clear how to differentiate correctly.

Differentiated Where to Throw the Pizza Carton

Today I want to clarify once and for all where the pizza box should be thrown correctly. In Italy, the most consumed take-away food is certainly pizza, therefore it is important to properly dispose of its cardboard.

Classical, Neapolitan, square, in pieces or wedges, after consuming it at the table or on the sofa, with friends or family, there is always the bulky cardboard to be disposed of.

Throw away the pizza box

What to do? How empty cardboard should be disposed of? How the differentiated is managed? Most people get it wrong, fold the cartons and throw them into the paper bin, while the leftovers of pizza (if there are any) throws them in the wet. Quite right??

unfortunately no, this is not the way to dispose of empty pizza boxes. After consuming the pizza, the cardboard usually contains food residues or even oil stains, therefore it must be thrown into the undifferentiated collection. Greasy cartons or with food residues thrown into the paper could ruin an entire batch of paper destined to be re-qualified. Be careful next time.

Where to throw the pizza box

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Silvio Cicchi