Microwave pizza

Microwave pizza

Microwave pizza. The pizza with the microwave It can not be done. We are talking about pizza, take a good look at the title of this post. Despite the technology offered by some models of microwave ovens, see "Crisp", the product obtained is unfortunately very far from a pizza.

Certainly if you don't own a pizza oven, try making it in a pan, and, a non-stick pan with an airtight lid. The product obtained will certainly be better than that obtained in the microwave.

Microwave Pizza Not Worth It

If the pizza is often prepared at home, I wonder why you don't buy this type of oven:


Making Pizza with the Microwave

Here another type of oven:


Perfect Microwave Pizza

These ovens that are great for the home, reach temperatures of 400 degrees and you can also prepare a perfect pizza in your home 3 minutes.

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