Dough Do Not Yeast What Causes

Dough Do Not Yeast What Causes

Dough Do Not Yeast What Causes. From my site every day I receive dozens and dozens of emails with as many questions on different topics about pizza. I suggest for pizza lovers to save my site among your favorite sites.

Summer has now come to an end, the temperatures have dropped all of a sudden and you know which is the most frequently asked question? Help mine dough does not rise. Where am I wrong? What are the causes?

When cold, the dough does not rise

On this side of the monitor of my PC it is often not easy to identify the cause. The first question I ask is: You remembered to put yeast in your dough?

Often the problem is solved already by answering this question. Many forget to add yeast to the dough. You are surprised?

Dough Do Not Yeast What Causes

If you are using sourdough, then you will need to wait a long time for it to rise, the mother yeast is slow, very slow, very slow. Next time use the classic brewer's yeast for bread making.

Another cause of non-leavening could be that the salt and yeast they ended up in direct contact with each other. You will already know for sure that the salt "kills" the yeast.

Leavening temperature

The leavening speed of the dough is controlled by the room temperature and humidity. If you let it rise in a cold room, the dough may not rise at all.

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