Mint and Pizza

Mint and Pizza

Mint and Pizza. Mint is a perennial herb plant. There are many species of them, belongs to the labiacee family and has a spicy taste and strong aroma. It can be found in Africa, Asia and Europe, prefers sunny areas.

Widely used in cooking and for its therapeutic properties. The famous Hippocrates used it as an aphrodisiac and the Romans and Greeks used it as a perfume.

Mint and Pizza

I just did a survey and on 10 people, 8 they said it's used for cocktails, only two replied that it is used in the kitchen.

Lately it has come back into fashion in the pizzeria and is widely used. It is used a lot in mint flavored oil, or in the mint pesto version.


Do you know some recipes?

No mint recipes come to mind? I give you a little help: Pizza with sausage potatoes and mint, Pizza with buffalo mozzarella and mint, Pizza with grilled courgettes and mint, Pizza with Pachino tomatoes and mint, Pizza 4 cheeses with mint pesto.

Something else comes to mind? Ok, then I continue: Pizza with grilled vegetables, mint and pine nuts, Pizza with ricotta and mint, Pizza with zucchini and mint pesto, Focaccia with potatoes and mint, Margherita pizza with mint, Pizza with artichoke cream and mint, Pizza with anchovies, zucchini, wild fennel and mint, Pizza with caramelized onions, zucchini and mint ricotta.

A perfect wedding

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Scented ingredient

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