How to Make Radicchio Pesto

How to Make Radicchio Pesto

How to Make Radicchio Pesto. The radicchio it is a vegetable with a thousand properties, it is slightly bitter, widely used in the kitchen and pizzeria. It is prepared in many different ways, creme, in salads, grilled, and don't miss the "pesto" version.

Let's not forget its beneficial properties, highly appreciated by those with liver problems or inflammation of the gastric system.

How to Make Radicchio Pesto

Its bitter aftertaste is due to the fact that it belongs to the chicory family. Fortunately, it can be found on supermarket counters all year round.

Radicchio pesto is a cream with which it is possible to dress pasta, vegetables, meat.

How to Make Radicchio Pesto
How to Make Radicchio Pesto

Here are the ingredients for the preparation of pesto:


1 onion

Extra virgin olive oil

100 grams of grated Parmigiano Reggiano

100 grams of fresh ricotta





Easy preparation

Wash the radicchio, chop and drain well. Brown it in a pan with a drizzle of oil together with the onion. When it is wilted put it in your blender with the ricotta, a pinch of salt and basil.

Add the Parmesan, the oil little by little and done. If you wish to keep it for a few days, put it in the refrigerator in a jar covered with extra virgin olive oil, or alternatively you can freeze it.

Taste it on bruschetta ... delicious.

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