gorgonzola pizza

The Recipe Pizza Gorgonzola

The Pizza Gorgonzola. Yesterday, in one of my usual trips,I was in a small town near Milan named after well-known: Gorgonzola. At the sight of the road sign indicating the name of the locality, I got the usual culinary inspiration. My first stop was at a small local company, producer of this typical cheese. I found a dealer disponibilissimo, that after making sure that I was a "Southerner", with its perfect Milanese accent wanted to show me fiercely whole rigmarole production of their cheese.

gorgonzola pizza
A pizza goronzola

The massive forms of gorgonzola they produce, weigh about 12 pounds each, produced exclusively with whole milk, "marbled" with streaks of green inside, which are the product of the process of mold said erborinatura. Although it is a DOP cheese recognized by the European Community by 1996, there are two very different types:

DOLCE: that is creamy and soft and slightly spicy, characteristic flavor of gorgonzola we all know.

SPICY: With a flavor much more decided and stronger, hard cheese, more consistent and friable, very similar to blue cheese French.

gorgonzola pizza
Gorgonzola pizza without tomato

This cheese, besides being eaten "smooth", can be spread on a slice of bread, can be consumed as do the British, smeared on "digestive biscuits" as a dessert after a meal, in combination with other ingredients in the preparation of sweets, in risotto, as a sauce for polenta, Gorgonzola is also the main ingredient in the creation of the cream with four cheese for pizza.

After completing the purchase of my precious sweet gorgonzola, I get back home I could not resist and decided to prepare one of my favorite pizzas:

gorgonzola pizza
Pizza with Gorgonzola

The Pizza Gorgonzola.

The dough for the preparation of this delicious pizza, is the same dough standards that we use for all other pizzas, available in this previous article that you will find by clicking on this link.

After the rising phase, roll out the balls of dough to obtain 4 diameter discs 30 centimeters.

gorgonzola pizza
Pizza with Gorgonzola

Preparing Pizza Gorgonzola

To be able to fully enjoy all the scents and flavors of this delicious cheese, prepare this pizza on the basis of a daisy.

Pour the tomato on the disks of dough, add a generous layer of mozzarella and finally crumbled over the entire surface of the chunks of gorgonzola.

Bake in your oven preheated to 250 degrees your gorgonzola pizza that after about 10 minutes, when the board will be completely gilded will be ready to serve to your guests. Add a few leaves of fresh basil.

The right match for this cheese, is a robust and full-bodied red wine.

gorgonzola pizza
Pizza with Gorgonzola

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If you want to know more about the gorgonzola cheese, you can consult the encyclopedia wikipedia.

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