Pizza Sauce Recipe and Preparation

Pizza Sauce Recipe and Preparation. During my last holiday in a Mediterranean region known I was very impressed by the popularity of pizza in Italy is not as popular. This is the pizza sauce, or if you prefer you can call it "Pizza alla Bolognese".

Our Bolognese sauce that here in our country has an exclusive use combined with pasta and to be more specific with noodles, in many other countries of the world it is considered a super topping used to season pizza.

Pizza Sauce Recipe and Preparation
Pizza Sauce Recipe and Preparation

Pizza Sauce Recipe and Preparation

How to prepare the perfect Sauce: In a saucepan saute the chopped bacon end. Combine butter with celery, carrot and onion chopped fine and let them dry gently. Add the minced meat and let it brown well, deglaze with the red wine and stir until the wine is completely evaporated. At this point add the pureed, cover with a lid and simmer slowly for 2 hours. Salt and Pepper To Taste. Even Wikipedia qui reports the sauce recipe.

Now for the preparation of pizza: For the preparation of our pizza we use a mixture with 24 hours of maturation behind. Roll out the disk of dough, add the sauce and bake in oven for pizza.

Pizza Sauce Recipe and Preparation

When the edge is perfectly golden, the oven and add the Parmesan cheese. To help all those who want to prepare it at home, we have added the video recipe.


Pizza Sauce Recipe and Preparation

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Pizza Sauce Recipe and Preparation

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