Pizza with anchovies and black olives

Pizza with anchovies and black olives. anchovies, or if you prefer to call them anchovies, in oil, They are among the ingredients that are often used in the preparation of pizzas.

Anchovies? anchovies? What a mess! Let us first understand!

The blue fish family:

The blue fish is represented by small fish, scales on the top from almost blue color, and the belly silver. They belong to the same family mackerel, anchovies and sardines. And Anchovies what happened? Do Not, we have not totally forgotten, anchovies and anchovies are the same thing, the same type of fish that is called in two ways, sometimes creating confusion.

Pizza with anchovies and black olives
Pizza with anchovies and black olives

Pizza with anchovies and black olives

The preparation of this pizza is very simple, followed carefully the video shot at our school in pizza.

After having rolled out the dough, add the tomato, anchovy fillets, some black olives pitted, an extra virgin olive oil and bake.

hot oven 300 degrees

3 the 4 minutes of cooking and our pizza with anchovy fillets and black olives is ready.

Two fresh basil leaves and serve while still hot to your guests!

In the video below Cintia prepare this tasty and fragrant pizza.


Pizza with anchovies and black olives

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