Pizza Margherita 2.0

Pizza Margherita 2.0

Pizza Margherita 2.0 Today we will prepare a simple recipe, it's fast. A daisy with a simple processing at the edges. I assure you that is absolutely delicious taste the mozzarella cheese that has become space and is leaking between the edges of the twisted pizza.

Stuff to even lick the plate.

Pizza Margherita 2.0
Pizza Margherita 2.0

This cute stuffed pizza, you can find the version with tomato and mozzarella and in the version with the filling Nutella.

During the course of our courses pizzaiolo at our school, Afonso wanted to prepare the savory version which provides for stuffed tomato and mozzarella.

The Preparation:

Which flour to use: Guide to the flour for pizza.



VIDEO Preparation

Pizza Margherita 2.0

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Pizza Margherita 2.0

We conclude this article with an important statistic given to us by Google. The interesting fact that has aroused our curiosity is given by the fact that the 60% Visitors of my site that is "Pizza" are "Woman", mostly with respect to 40% some men. From here we deduce that the pizza most interested in women and men. This data fully reflects the balance of members of practical courses at our school. The last 10 subscribers who have become pizza chefs, they were 6 women and 4 men. At this rate we will have in a short time, more women than pizza pizza makers of the opposite sex. And to think that 40 years ago the figure of the woman pizza maker even existed except for a few exceptions. Then in the early 90 the female figure made the first appearances. I remember very well, in one of my trips to England, I noticed in a big chain pizzas, the American brand, all-female staff he is churning out delicious pizzas using the latest generation of machines such as dividers, rolling machines, mechanical stretch pizza and tunnel kilns. It was the era of pizza female.

If you are looking for inspiration in the choice of pizza to prepare your guests invited to dinner, we remind you that on our site are available as well 250 pizza recipes.

On our YouTube channel you can watch all the videos of the realization of our pizzas.