Pizza with Bacon and Wurstel

Pizza with Bacon and Wurstel

Pizza with Bacon and Wurstel. As you well know by now, in our School of Pizza Makers, students come from all over the world. This week our André who comes from the "Democratic Republic of Congo”.

And you? When you intend to enroll in one of our professional practical courses to become pizza chefs? In our school there is a new course every week, these are individual professional courses, perfect for those who intend to open their own pizzeria anywhere in the world, you find all the information here.

The Pizza With a Perfect Mix of Flavors

As you can imagine, in each country different ingredients are used which vary according to the culture and availability of the place. Our friend André made a really tasty pizza, he assured me that in his country he will sell a lot of them.

It is a pizza that is also very popular in Europe, the combinations of the two main ingredients i.e. bacon and frankfurters are common and reflect the tastes found in many countries.

Pizza with Bacon and Wurstel

To give a touch of novelty, we cut the sausages not in the classic way, that is, with washers, but in the shape of sticks, everything was prepared on a classic base of a margherita. I invite you to watch the video if you want to prepare this tasty pizza at home.


Pizza next weekend

If you have plans to make a pizza at home next weekend, I have something that could be very interesting for you: At this link you back 300 pizza recipes prepared by the pizza chef students who attend our practical courses, let yourself be inspired.

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Course pizza online, yes, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Here on our site it is available for those without the time or resources, a fantastic "Pizzaiolo Online Course" that you can download on your mobile phone or PC and follow it from the comfort of your home sofa. You will find all the information about this fantastic course at this link.

I end by reminding you that my latest collection of recipes that have ended up in oblivion is already available for download, but which are still monuments of Italian cuisine. You will find all the information at this link.


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Silvio Cicchi