Pizza Kebab

Pizza Kebab. If non ci fosse, be invented! just so, This pizza has now become part of our culture of good food, and, the flavor of the kebabs with a touch of oriental to our pizzas, and, not bad at all.

This pizza is very simple in its preparation, a pizza with tomato, garlic and oregano on the basis, Once out of the oven, It is added to a bed of fresh arugula, kebab sliced ​​and dressed with oil below, sale e balsamic vinegar of Modena.

Suitable for all seasons, both during the cold winter nights, both during the warm summer evenings.

Pizza Kebab
Pizza Kebab

Pizza Kebab

After purchasing the right flour to prepare pizza, continue shipped to the dough.

Prepare the classic dough for pizza, do not worry if you have no experience, because everything is described in our previous article devoted entirely to the dough for pizza, that, you can consult by clicking here.

The basis on which it prepared the pizza with kebab, It is a classic marinara pizza. It will definitely help our post dedicated to the preparation of pizza marinara. Help yourself by clicking here.

Pizza Kebab
Pizza Kebab

Pizza Kebab

Once baked the pizza marinara, add a bed of fresh arugula.

Add the sliced ​​kebab, I have bought a great turkey kebabs, delicate taste, but I think with any other type of kebab was excellent.

Season with a pinch of salt

A little oil extra virgin olive oil

A splash of balsamic vinegar Modena

and, yet served hot to your guests.

Pizza with kebab is really a good pizza, surprise your guests preparing them our pizza.

the video made during one of our professional courses we put at your disposal at our School of Italian pizza. Subscribe to one of our professional practical courses, become an expert pizza maker. Open your activity pizzeria. In the video, the Pizzaiolo Gianluca Valencia (Spain) during the preparation of this yummy pizza.

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