Pizza With Ham, Peppers and Anchovies

Pizza With Ham, Peppers and Anchovies

Pizza With Ham, Peppers and Anchovies. This is a true gourmet pizza, pizza for smokers as a dear friend of mine would say. This week in our school of pizza chefs, Mr. Francisco di Estoril Portugal.

The Portuguese, when we talk about food, they have a lot in common with the Italians, same culture, from cod to anchovies to scottadito, grilled fish, they even have their own version of Sicilian arancini. The only difference that stands out between the two cultures is certainly the rice that accompanies all their dishes, while here we don't have lunch without "bread".

Pizza With Ham, Peppers and Anchovies
Pizza With Ham, Peppers and Anchovies

Ham, Peppers and Anchovies

During the morning, among the many pizzas we have prepared, this one that follows is really good, it is a pizza with a tomato and mozzarella base with the addition of a quality cooked ham, peppers and anchovy fillets.

As I do for all recipes, Below is the video of the preparation of this delicious pizza, in case you want to prepare pizza at home next weekend.


Ham, Peppers and Anchovies, what a taste

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Pizza Con …

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I just have to say goodbye and meet you in a few days for more recipes and news on the fascinating world of pizza.


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