At Fruit Dessert Pizza

At Fruit Dessert Pizza. With the pizza dough you can really prepare many things. We've dedicated an entire section of our website at "street food"And I recommend strongly to find out.

Today during my morning rounds devoted to spending, I found the strawberries and ripe bananas in the right place. Strawberries and bananas chopped by adding a little sugar are pleasing in these hot summer days.

Back at the lab during the time dedicated to our Professional courses of Pizzaiolo we have prepared a. Huge and delicious, just as I imagined. greatest, we have it divided into small pieces and served with aperitif. If I am not wrong ... no one protested, then … success.

At Fruit Dessert Pizza
At Fruit Dessert Pizza

At Fruit Dessert Pizza

Preparation of the Stuffing

Let's start with wash the strawberries and then cut into small pieces, the same thing was done for bananas. A pinch of sugar and ready to be added as a filling for our pizza dessert.

At Fruit Dessert Pizza
At Fruit Dessert Pizza

Drafting of Pizza.

Roll out the base, add the previously prepared fruit.

Now we are helping us prepare the cover with the special knife borrowed from the pastry.

Trim the excess edges and bake in the oven at 300 degrees. In a few minutes it will be ready to churn out.

Divide it into pieces and serve it to your guests lucky.

Below the video of the making of this delicious pizza fruit desserts.






At Fruit Dessert Pizza

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