Focaccia Quail's Nest

Focaccia Quail's Nest

Focaccia Quail's Nest. The common quail It belongs to the family of Galliformes, to speak, the same which also includes the "Domestic fowl".

Usually it nests in tall grass, sometimes it lays up to 14-15 eggs.

This morning during my usual walk through the fields, right at the side of my rocket, I found a nest of quail contains more than 10 eggs. They were arranged in a really original and inspiring, so that, I collected the eggs in a hurry and I brought with me in the lab at school, where they usually organize our professional pizza maker courses.

Focaccia Quail's Nest

Focaccia Quail's Nest
Raw quail eggs

The preparation of this unusual pizza is not at all complex, on the contrary, I'd say that is suitable for everyone. To make things easier, We recorded a video filmed in our laboratories.

The preparation of quail eggs.

They are used the same way as chicken eggs, They are more delicate, most read and contain less cholesterol. With the shell can weigh 20/30 grams, without its shell can weigh about 9 grams. Then the quail eggs are about 1/5 of chicken eggs. 1 hen's egg = 5 Quail eggs. This will be useful the next time you'll have to buy them.

5 minutes in boiling water and finally peel.

Focaccia Quail's Nest
The boiled quail eggs and peeled

Focaccia Quail's Nest

The preparation of the focaccia.

Use a strong flour and prepared the pizza dough with at least 24 hours in advance.

Roll the balls of dough about 30 cm. Simply Season with salt and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Bake at 300 degrees for a few minutes. Remove from the oven at desired browning.

Let cool a few minutes before adding the rocket that, with the heat could dry immediately and ...






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