Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza

Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza

Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza. This time of year inevitably all suffer the heat, This greatly affects the kind of power that we carry every day on our tables. Also in pizza exactly the same thing happens, the customer at his arrival, sits at the table takes the menu and browse completely looking for something refreshing.

It may seem strange, but, one of the most requested pizzas with the heat is the pizza that has among its ingredients corn and tuna.

In recent years, coupled corn and tuna you see very often appear on the tables of Italian and not only in our country. This food matching is exceptional. If you notice well in almost all the salads that we find on the menu, these two ingredients are always present. As always happens in pizzeria, anything that is successful, always life to a tasty recipe for a good pizza.

Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza

In the ultimate test of our pizza chefs students who attend the course at our school, This week our pizza maker Paola wanted to prepare this delicious pizza: “Corn and tuna”

Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza

For all those who want to prepare it at home or in their own business we have made available the video that will help you step by step in the realization of this pizza.

I will continue to remind you that the pizza was born to be a poor man's dish, so always use a few ingredients, but good, quality.

All already starts from a good purchase of a flour for pizza. Already, because to make a good pizza is not enough to open the pantry and take the first meal that happen, but we will strictly use a flour for pizza. If you are interested in this topic, We put at your disposal a fantastic GUIDE to the flour for pizza: What to buy and how to use it to get a quality pizza also at home. Find the link to the guide clicking here.

Prepare the pizza dough following our recipe classical.

Leave it to rest for the rising.

After the delicate phase of the rising, past the drafting of pizza dough balls. If you are not an expert pizza makers, do not worry, carefully followed our previous post dedicated entirely to drafting balls of pizza. It contains many suggestions and many videos to follow, I'm sure that in a short time be able to lay your own pizza as a pizza maker professional.

Take a lesson from the tomato sauce “Paola” in the video below, who attended our professional course at our School pizzaioli and already after a few day of practice stretches the handmade pizza in a simple and fast.

Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza
Compilation of pizza

After having transformed the balls well leavened in disks for the pizza from the diameter of 33 cm, we move on to more fun stage:

the Condiment

Helping with a spoon, spread the tomato. Mettetene little else the ingredients of your pizza “galleggeranno” on the surface.

Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza
Add the tomato

Add a generous layer of mozzarella, corn in grains previously drained of its water and tuna with extra virgin olive oil.

Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza
Aggiunere corn
Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza
Add the tuna
Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza
Add the mozzarella

Bake for about three minutes in your oven at a temperature of 300 degrees.

Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza

Once the edge is golden at the right point, baked.

A little oil, but what good, on the surface of the pizza and do not forget to add a few leaves of fresh basil.

Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza
Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza

Corn and Tuna Recipe Pizza

Serve your pizza into wedges still warm your lucky guests and enjoy your meal.

Combine your pizza with a nice glass of white wine

Thank you Paola for having paid for the making of the video.

People of pizza lovers to you the word!!

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