Savory Stuffed Rustic Pizza Muffins

Savory Stuffed Rustic Pizza Muffins. It is an excellent alternative in a pizzeria for parties and birthdays to the classics rustic prepared with puff pastry. They don't have sugar among their ingredients.

With Ham and Mushrooms, Boscaiola, with vegetables, zucchini and provola, peas and ham, Ham and cheese, and in a thousand other ways.

Savory Stuffed Rustic Pizza Muffins

Stuffed Rustic Pizza Muffins

During our Practical Professional Courses in our school pizza, I always explain to my students all the useful preparations for buffets, aperitifs and birthdays. Muffins prepared with pizza dough are part of the program among many other things.

Try to prepare them at home too, they are very simple, it is sufficient to have the appropriate mold, the same one used for sweet muffins.

Savory Rustic Pizza Muffins

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Savory Stuffed Rustic Pizza Muffins

Salty Stuffed Pizza Muffin

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Savory Stuffed Rustic Pizza Muffins

Savory Stuffed Rustic Muffins

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