Carbonara Pizza How To Prepare It

Carbonara Pizza How To Prepare It. When we talk about Carbonara in Italy it is obvious that we are talking about spaghetti carbonara. This is not the case in the whole world. I'm going back right now from a holiday in Spain, in addition to being a beautiful historic country, boasts of a wonderful tradition culinary.

Among the many very original things that I found in the various menu proposals, there is one that impressed me in particular: The Pizza Carbonara. I found it in all the menus of the pizzerias I visited.

Carbonara Pizza How To Prepare It

Carbonara Pizza Here's How To Prepare It

I could not resist and I immediately wanted to taste it. Excellent, my judgment absolutely deserves a 5 stars. We shouldn't expect the classic carbonara taste, but even if combined with a pizza base with tomato and mozzarella, it is not not bad.

The bacon cut into thin slices and with the addition of a raw egg in the center cooked totally in the oven makes it a not bad combination. Try to prepare it yourself at your home next weekend.

Carbonara Pizza How To Prepare It

Carbonara Pizza How to prepare it at home

Below is the video of the simple preparation of this delicious pizza.


Carbonara Pizza How To Prepare It Quickly

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