Pizzeria Open for Lunch

Pizzeria Open for Lunch

Pizzeria Open for Lunch. After Brazil, Italy is the country that boasts the largest number of pizzerias. The biggest difference between these two countries is that in Italy pizza is eaten very little for lunch. We are more for the famous dish of Pasta.

In other countries where the culture of pasta is less felt, pizza for lunch sells more. But that's right? Even in Italy there are many pizzerias that work a lot for lunch.

Because the pizzerias don't work for lunch

By studying this phenomenon well, we understand what could be the causes of this fact: In all tourist areas there are pizzerias that work for lunch, and with the classic slices of pizza, and with other products which we will talk about later.

Then, it is the tourists who mostly pull the pizza product during lunch hours. Even the pizzerias that are far from the tourist flow only work during dinner.

Pizzeria Open for Lunch

The main cause that prevents the consumption of pizza for lunch is certainly that of the time available which is always too little for those who want to visit the city..

Another cause could certainly be that of the offer which does not always coincide with the customer's request.

How to overcome this inconvenience

I have a great suggestion for all those who want to stay open during lunch time: expand the offer at the counter for your consumers.

My latest recipe collection that's right for you is available for download, is called: Non Solo Pizza, What should have all the pizzerias in your menu. These are recipes for products that have always been monuments of Italian cuisine. Take a look at it, find it at this link.

But it works? Yes, I'm sure

I have seen pizzerias that, following these little tips, have turned, starting to work a lot even during the lunch period.

Unfortunately, the new generation that has bought existing pizzerias is not "old" enough to know the products you will find in my book suggested earlier..


Even today I have concluded, I hope my suggestions can help you in some way. Download my book Non Solo Pizza.

See you soon for more news on our fantastic world of Pizza.


Silvio Cicchi