Preparation Of Pizza Crostini

Preparation Of Pizza Crostini

Preparation Of Pizza Crostini. They are my favorite dinner saver. Very tasty and succulent they are very simple to prepare and are suitable to be served as well as to replace dinner also as an appetizer or to accompany a delicious aperitif.

They are also commonly called empty fridge and it is easy to understand why. For those like me who have little time to get in front of the stove, these crostini pizza type are easy to prepare and above all in a short time by reusing the ingredients that are stationed in the refrigerator.

Preparation Of Pizza Crostini

They will be ready in the oven in a couple of minutes, so I advise you to prepare a ready-made tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil. A clove of garlic and a finely chopped onion.

These pizza croutons are great if prepared with stale bread. Cut it with a saw knife into slices with a thickness of 1,5 centimeters, not thin otherwise you risk burning it in the oven during cooking.

How to prepare them

With a spoon add the previously prepared tomato sauce, mozzarella and ingredients to taste.

Two minutes in the oven previously heated to temperature and your dish is ready to enjoy. Serve hot, if they cool down, the bread hardens. Like pizza, croutons are perfect accompanied by a good glass of red wine.


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