How To Eliminate Tomato Acidity

How to Eliminate Tomato Acidity

How to Eliminate Tomato Acidity. The tomato it is widely used in Italian cuisine and perhaps the most used condiment in the world. As you know, the tomato contains a high level of acidity which, in addition to making some of our dishes become acidic, often leads us to have heartburn. So today we will see how to break down the acidity of tomatoes with these precious tips.

I learned many of these tips while working in a pizzeria, where the tomato is the basis of almost all pizzas here, therefore it cannot be absolutely acidic.

Remove the peel and seeds

Much of the acidity of the tomato is contained in the peel and in the seeds. So to solve the problem it will be sufficient to remove the peel by blanching the tomatoes for ten minutes and after removing the peel cut them in half and remove the seeds., By preparing the tomato sauce you will see that it will not be acidic at all.

Baking soda or sugar

They are certainly the most used ingredients to permanently get rid of tomato acidity. Pay attention to the quantities: Sugar could change the flavor of the tomato, therefore a teaspoon will be enough during cooking. Baking soda should be used with great moderation, as soon as the sauce boils, add half a teaspoon of baking soda, this will eliminate all the acidity of the tomato while leaving the flavor unchanged.


Personally I do not use this solution which I confess scares me, but I know many of my fellow chefs who add a spoonful of milk to get a good result.


I have just a couple of tips that are sure to help you. The first is the simplest of all, buy some good tomatoes, you will see that it is not acidic and there will be no need to correct it with sugar, baking soda or milk.

The second tip that always works is to reduce the cooking time of your sauce since the longer the tomato cooks the more acid it becomes..


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