which use mozzarella for pizza

What To Use Mozzarella Pizza

Which use mozzarella for pizza? The classic dilemma of Hamlet-like all those who are on track to make pizza at home, very similar to another "fried egg with a little oil and a knob of butter?”

Prepared then to solve this question once and for all!!! Mozzarella is a product made of spun paste with STG brand that is a traditional specialty guaranteed. Given her goodness and practicality in preparation (just open the box and eat it) It is definitely the queen of our tables, I would add that this product certainly figure among those that have made the traditional Italian cuisine and world famous. Its qualities that distinguish begin from spinning hot during production, giving diverse forms, which take their name from the "hot docking": morsels, braid, up to the classic round shape of mozzarella that we usually see in supermarkets.

which use mozzarella for pizza
Mozzarella fiordilatte

What To Use Mozzarella Pizza?

There are dozens of different types on the shelf and is often difficult to move towards a good buy. You will certainly have to read between the various labels "pizza mozzarella”, this type of mozzarella contains less fat and less water, all this makes it more suited to be machined in a pizzeria, It will simply chop it and does not need to be drained before adding the pizza. This is definitely the main problem for the pizza makers and for all those who wish to prepare their own pizza in the oven at home ... "serum" which is often the main cause of bad success of pizza. During cooking the cheese loses serum and one has the horrible floating effect of the ingredients on the pizza. Fortunately this is a problem that affects only those who use an electric or gas oven (just those at home)which does not reach high temperatures, who uses a wood stove classic, where temperatures can reach even the 400 degrees and the pizza bakes perfectly in a couple of minutes, You do not have this problem. Pizza mozzarella usually has an elongated shape and compact and tasting it, you will find that it has nothing to do with the taste of a common mozzarella, the right word to describe the taste of the mozzarella for pizza is "tasteless".

which use mozzarella for pizza
Mozzarella fiordilatte

What To Use Mozzarella Pizza? THE FIORDILATTE

Fiordilatte, the "real" made exclusively from cow's milk is a good product, but unfortunately if you do not have a wood stove will have the same problem of flotation of the ingredients on the pizza, releases very serum during cooking. Actually what makes this kind of tasty mozzarella at our palate is precisely the serum contained in it, then try to fix it by putting it in school does not help!!. Be careful not to overdo the draining, otherwise you end up using a horrible dry cheese on your pizza and all that would result in an inevitable loss of taste that just characterizes fiordilatte.

which use mozzarella for pizza
A braid of mozzarella

What To Use Mozzarella Pizza? THE BUFFALO MOZZARELLA

Do you really want to know my opinion on the use of buffalo mozzarella on pizza? Cook the buffalo mozzarella for me is comparable to a "CRIME". This product has in the serum content in it's own strength which gives an excellent flavor, unfortunately, to make it suitable for the purpose, there would remain that drain for several hours to separate it from the whey, but with the result of finding ourselves a rubbery mozzarella on our pizza, ... or a pizza "flooded". I leave to you the decision.

For all those who do not want to give up their bufala, I recommend adding it after cooking, maybe spezzettandola grossly over his pizza.

"Gustibus non est disputandum" .... So it is saying very old, I have certainly invented it.

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which use mozzarella for pizza
Buffalo mozzarella

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