Yeast table

Conversion table Fresh Brewer's Yeast to Dry Brewer's Yeast to Mother Yeast

Conversion table Fresh Brewer's Yeast to Dry Brewer's Yeast to Mother Yeast. Thanks to our easy and convenient table you will no longer have problems converting the various types of yeast from dry to fresh or replacing it with the classic mother yeast.

Yeast is widely used in cooking recipes and especially daily in pizzerias. It is a living organism consisting of cells and thanks to it a known process called fermentation.

Fermentation or Leavening

The leavening process leads to the production of carbon dioxide in the dough, it is for this reason that we see it increase in volume.

We can generally divide yeast into two types: the natural one and the chemical one. Natural yeast is a living element used for the production of bread, wine, beer, pizza, the second, that is, the chemical one is pure bicarbonate of soda, potassium hydrogen tartrate together with corn starch and does not allow leavening or fermentation if you prefer.

Other yeasts

Other types of yeast used in cooking are ammonia, cream of tartar or the more common sodium bicarbonate, these types of yeast have the same characteristic, they do not need rising times, they produce carbon dioxide and only increase in volume during cooking in the oven.

As we can see there are many types of yeast, but the most used is certainly brewer's yeast or if you prefer natural yeast, comes from living organisms. It can be found on the market in dehydrated or fresh sachets.

How to use it

The dehydrated yeast must be revived by mixing it with warm water and a little sugar in a glass, you will notice that a foam appears after a few minutes. Fresh yeast is generally found in cubes from 25 grams and should be dissolved in the water of our dough, the doses may vary depending on the amount of flour used and the time we have available.

Another type of yeast widely used in cooking is dough or mother yeast. Certainly the best in terms of aroma, flavor and digestibility. Made up of yeasts and lactic bacteria that increase the acidity of our product and its shelf life. Sourdough requires longer processing times, perfect for preparations such as pizza and sweet or savory. This type of yeast also exists on the market in the dried version. This dried sourdough must be found in warm water, just like dehydrated brewer's yeast.

Here is the very useful conversion table for the various types of yeast

yeast conversion table


It often happens while we prepare our recipes at home that we have to adapt another type of yeast to our recipe. Here is our fantastic yeast conversion table.

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