Professional Courses To Become A Pizzaiolo

Professional Courses To Become A Pizzaiolo

Professional Courses To Become A Pizzaiolo. In our "Scuola Della Pizza Italiana" we organize professional courses to become true professional pizza chefs.

This qualification will give you the opportunity in the upcoming summer season to find a job as a pizza chef, or if it is among your projects, you will have the opportunity to open your pizzeria anywhere in the world.

Professional Courses To Become A Pizzaiolo

Individual practical professional courses

And, just so, our practical courses are individual, nothing more important, “One to one”. Each person needs their own time to learn this fantastic art, I repeat, art, because that of the pizza maker is not a job, but an art.

Our professional practical courses are scheduled every week throughout the year. See the calendar of our courses scheduled in the coming months, click here.

Professional Courses To Become A Pizzaiolo

You will find all the information regarding our practical courses on our website at this link.

 For any doubts do not hesitate to contact me, you can find me at my phone or WhatsApp at my number: +39 3476244362.

If you intend to enroll in one of our practical courses to become a professional pizza maker, don't waste time, start reading something interesting and get ready, the book is available here on my site: Pizza Maker Manual- Pizza and Fantasy. Download it and start reading. You'll find it here.


If you are among those who already have a basic knowledge about pizza, I suggest another good read. You will anticipate some of the work that will be done during the practical course. These are products that go perfectly with pizza. You will find them in my recipe collection which is called: Non Solo Pizza, available for download at this link.

At Last, but no less important, a little help for those who don't have the time or resources to come to our school. Here on my site there is a fantastic Online Pizza Maker Course. Download it to your mobile phone and you can follow it from the comfort of your home sofa. All information on the online professional course at this link.


Add this page to your favorite sites, it will come in handy next time you prepare pizza at home, at this link You will 300 ideas to prepare your favorite pizza at home.

Subscribe to my youtube channel, hundreds of video pizza recipes prepared by the pizza chef students who attend my courses.



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