A Good Pizza Marinara

A Good Pizza Marinara. No way, it is the good of all. Nondescript to breakfast together at a cafe. Adorable if served along with an aperitif. Fantastic dinner. Not to be confused with his cousin who has among its ingredients seafood, the simple seafood is topped with a light tomato layer, finely chopped garlic, needles of fresh rosemary and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

A Good Pizza Marinara
A Good Pizza Marinara

A Good Pizza Marinara

This week Domingos coming from Switzerland, It is taking place The practical course to become pizza chefs.

This morning we prepared a seafood pizza for breakfast.

Dough prepared the previous day with a strong flour media, w270.

After leaving the mixture to mature for 24 hours, we have stretched out the ball of dough, for those who still use a rolling pin to roll out the pizza, we suggest to come back with a quick read on our article precedent that explains step by step with some videos, how it made the drawing of the pizza.

After having laid the disks of dough, We add the tomato helping with a spoon, an extra virgin olive oil, a chopped garlic, rosemary and bake in a hot oven 300 degrees abundant. Your pizza will be ready in 3 the 4 minutes.

Indispensable two leaves of fresh basil before serving to your guests.

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A Good Pizza Marinara

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