For Pizza Dough With Flour For Cereals

For Pizza Dough With Flour For Cereals

For Pizza Dough With Flour For Cereals. Today we're making a little dough by hand with a delicious and fragrant flour cereal. The mixtures of cereal flour we have already occupied in the past in this post. Before starting the dough you need to know how it worked our dough. The cereal flour has a high protein value, therefore it possesses a W own strength high enough. E 'must then leave the mixture to mature at least 24 hours in a refrigerator at 3 degrees.

So far I see no any difficulty in preparing this simple dough.

To prepare the dough this week we take help from Manuel Afonso who came from the north of Portugal to attend one of our workshops to become pizza chefs who play weekly at our school pizza.

In less than 10 minutes the mixture is ready. Follow the video of the preparation of the mixture to cereal.

For Pizza Dough With Flour For Cereals


After the mixing phase, depose it in the container, and below in the refrigerator for maturation.

In the post that follows we will prepare the dough leavened with a fantastic focaccia on cereals with sunflower seeds. I tell you only that is delicious with ham, It seems made purposely to be cut into wedges and served with aperitif evening.

For Pizza Dough With Flour For Cereals
For Pizza Dough With Flour For Cereals

For Pizza Dough With Flour For Cereals

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