Calzone Spicy Recipe Video

Calzone Spicy Recipe Video

Calzone Spicy Recipe Video. After devoting ample space to a famous spicy pizza, the hell pizza, if you want to refresh your memory by re-reading the post that perfectly describes how to prepare this tasty pizza, click here, now let us see how to prepare one of the equally famous breeches, the spicy calzone, or as it is commonly called: Calzone Sputafuoco.

The ingredients that are needed for the preparation of the spicy calzone, They are: the mozzarella, mushrooms and pepperoni.

I love the touch of spicy in the calzone stuffed, It makes it unique and incomparable.

Calzone Spicy Recipe Video
Calzone Spicy Recipe Video

Calzone Spicy Recipe Video

We start preparing the calzone buying the right flour to prepare our pizza dough. There will certainly be useful to our “Guide to the flour for pizza“.

The dough for our calzone is the classic, that you find clicking here.

Let rise well your dough, giving him the necessary time depending on the type of flour you've used for kneading.

During the our courses for pizza, We recorded a video of the preparation of a fire-breathing calzone, preparato of Vitor, She came specially from Portugal to attend our course.

Calzone Spicy Recipe Video

The pizza makers attending our professional courses of the Italian Pizza School, They know how to prepare the calzone stuffed with all its so really professional, the preparation of the calzone is part of the course program. For more information about our courses, click here.

You do not have time available to attend one of our courses? No problem!! On our site there is a course of professional pizza maker ONLINE. It contains many videos to prepare the pizza as an expert pizza maker. More information about the online training course, You find them here.


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