Focaccia Under Peppers Sweet friggitelli

Focaccia Under Peppers Sweet friggitelli

Focaccia Under Peppers Sweet friggitelli. This morning I made a trip to the local market of vegetables, and, to my surprise I found on the bank of a producer delicious sweet peppers. Beautiful to see and eat. They are exclusive of south-central Italy. They are also commonly called “Friggitelli”. Careful not to confuse them with broccoli that are quite another thing. The broccoli are very similar to inflorescences of broccoli, while our friggitelli sweet peppers are very different:

Their shape, It makes one think immediately of chilies, but they are not at all spicy.

It would seem to have been made specifically to prepare a wonderful cake. If they are of different colors ranging from red to yellow to green.

The preparation of the cake with these sweet peppers, results to be of extreme simplicity, really suitable for everyone. Even those who have never prepared the pizza before, It may engage in the preparation of this delicious cake.

I have purchased a dozen, see photos

Focaccia Under Peppers Sweet friggitelli
Focaccia Under Peppers Sweet friggitelli

Focaccia Under Peppers Sweet friggitelli

The first thing to do for those who want to engage in the preparation of this beautiful and delicious cake, It is to prepare a good pizza dough. Use a strong flour and let the dough rise at least 24 hours in a refrigerator at 3 Celsius degrees. For those who have any doubt about what flour should be used to get some very special buns, We suggest a quick re-reading our guide to the flour for pizza. You can find it by clicking here.

I know that you are aware of the classic recipe for pizza dough, but, if any of you need help, You can take a look at our article devoted entirely classic pizza dough, clicking here.

After the delicate phase of dough, divide into balls 250/270 grams, place them in a container with a lid and place them in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

Focaccia Under Peppers Sweet friggitelli

Preparation of focaccia:

Below I made a video that shows you step by step how to prepare this delicious focaccia. The video was made during one of our professional pizza maker courses in our school of Italian pizza. The pizza chef Vitor, arrived in our school from Portugal, at the sight of sweet peppers he could not resist and offered to prepare the cake with friggitelli. If you are interested in participating in one of our professional courses to become a professional pizza chef, click here for more information about our courses, on Available dates and sites.

Many people, do not have time or resources to attend one of our courses have a duration of 5 days for 40 hours of lessons, so I wanted to remind you that on our website is available to all, a great course online professional pizzaiolo. The online course contains many demo videos, many articles to read along with many tricks and secrets to prepare at your home or in your professional activities an exceptional pizza. The online course is available when you have time available. More information on our Professional Course ONLINE, find them by clicking here.

Preparation of sweet peppers: Wash and dry well with a cloth and cut into thin rounds.

Roll the balls of dough well leavened.

E’ preferable to perform the task of drafting the pizza with your hands, completely avoiding the rolling pin. If any of you are new to this site my, and, He does not yet feel ready to roll out the pizza with your hands, I suggest you view our post entirely devoted to the drafting of the pizza containing videos and instructions to roll out the pizza with his hands like a true professional pizza chef. you can find it by clicking this link.

Once you completed the drafting of the pizza, add the sweet peppers previously cut into slices, a pinch of salt, a few needles of rosemary scattered over the entire surface of the pizza and a little oil, but what good, extra virgin olive oil.

Bake in oven 300 degrees for 4 the 5 minutes and the oven as soon as the board is cooked to perfection.

Serve still warm with your lucky guests.

Focaccia Under Peppers Sweet friggitelli

Tired of the classic pizza dough usually: Our pizza school has put at your disposal a list of 12 best types of dough. Hemp beans, the whole mixture soybean. From mixing with the potatoes to the one with the flour of Manitoba, if you are interested click here.

Focaccia Under Peppers Sweet friggitelli
Focaccia Under Peppers Sweet friggitelli

I would like to end with a quote by Toto, one that pizza he wanted very:

“I offer a nice pizza…. the money you have them?”

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