Pizza Dough For The Best 12

Pizza Dough For The Best 12

Pizza Dough For The Best 12. Here it is an incredible opportunity that is offered by our school pizzaioli. A collection of 12 different types of pizza dough to be included in the menu of your pizzeria, or, to prepare for your guests invited to dinner.

Pizza Dough For The Best 12
Pizza Dough For The Best 12

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Pizza Dough For The Best 12

Here is the collection of 12 of the best pizza doughs:

  1. Classic pizza dough: E’ must start from here, dall'impasto easier. On our site contains a lot of videos that provide step by step how to create the perfect mix.
  2. Dough with flour Manitoba: How to prepare a crispy batter using a percentage of the flour type “Manitoba” which it is a super strong flour.
  3. Dough with potato. The pizza prepared with this particular dough containing potato, It gives it a unique softness and makes it one of the most highly sought buns. Try to surprise your guests preparing them a delicious pizza with a dough with potatoes. Read the post.
  4. Batter black to charcoal. It is still unclear whether it is just a fad, this type of pizza “Black” besides being very good, crunchy and tasty, It is certainly dramatic effect.
  5. Dough Roman type grip: That is the true fashion of the moment, the pinserie are popping visibly everywhere. Prepare yourself with simplicity this kind of dough, at your house, or in your pizzeria. Follow our detailed recipe for the preparation of the dough.
  6. Dough with soy flour: excellent, soybeans gives our pizza, a taste and a particular color. It should definitely be tried.
  7. Dough with wheat flour burned: Must try! The realization of the pizza prepared with wheat flour burned, It makes this pizza unique in its kind.
  8. Dough with whole wheat flour: Delicious! With flour of integral type, You are obtained, for exceptional pizza dough. Easy to use and suitable for all, beginners and experienced pizza makers. This type of dough, requires long rising times in a refrigerator.
  9. Dough with flour sifter 2: With the use of this flour in the dough for pizza, you get a great pizza, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Very easy to work, Also this mixture requires a long maturation in the refrigerator at 3 degrees.
  10. Mix cereal: in great demand, if you plug in your menu a pizza dough made with a mix of flour to cereal, you'll be surprised how many people ask you a cake cereal. A great pizza, unique fragrance, and by a unique fragrance.
  11. Mix with hemp flour: This type of dough prepared with a percentage of hemp flour, It is absolutely the most requested in a pizzeria. Seeing is believing.
  12. Dough with beans: cementitious, in reality we are talking about a pizza made of white beans, Rediscover the unique flavor of this pizza, prepare for and tuoi ospiti.

These are only some types of dough possible to achieve. Stay tuned to our website to discover new pizza doughs.

Pizza Dough For The Best 12
Pizza Dough For The Best 12

Pizza Dough For The Best 12

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The last straw for a pizza: Having a wife named Margaret.

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  1. Hi Silvio, thank you for these doughs and recipes. I love your website.

    Can you please tell me if I want to prove/mature the dough for 3 days, how do I do that?

    Do I put the dough immediately in the fridge after kneeding? Or do I leave it for a few hours before I put it in the fridge? Also my dough still rises in the fridge and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    Many thanks,


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