Ranking of the most sought pizzas

Ranking of the most sought pizzas. We begin 2016 with a rather interesting statistic. Ours is a site that deals exclusively with pizza, so if we want to make a ranking of the most sought pizzas year there is no better place from which to draw in order to obtain valid statistics. One that we will submit actually, It is a ranking of the most read articles on our site, that is, what people have searched on Google more about the pizza throughout the 2015 and they have landed on our site.

First we try to understand what nationality originate these readers who seek information on the pizza:

Our website in the world

54% Italian

15% Brazilian

14% Spanish

10% American

7% Rest of the world

Ranking of the most sought pizzas
Ranking of the most sought pizzas

Ranking of the most sought pizzas during 2015: The most clicked articles on our site.


  1. At what temperature to cook the pizza
  2. The Pizza Capricciosa Original Recipe and preparation
  3. The Pepperoni Pizza Recipe and Preparation
  4. Recipe for Making the Perfect Pizza Slices in House
  5. Course Pizzaiolo online
  6. Dough for homemade pizza
  7. How to Make Croissants Filled with Salted Dough Pizza
  8. Topinambur in Cucina 10 Fantastic Recipes
  9. 10 perfect ways pizza seasoning
  10. La Focaccia Pugliese Recipe Mediterranean
  11. Oil in pizza dough
  12. The Delicious Pizza Carbonara Recipe and Preparation
  13. Which flour to use for pizza, desserts and homemade pasta?
  14. Pizza 4 Cheese Recipe
  15. Yeast or brewer's yeast for pizza dough?
  16. Pizza alla Romana Recipe scrocchiarella
  17. How to Make Oil Spicy House
  18. Electric stove or oven for cooking pizza?
  19. The Pizza Siciliana Traditions and Recipe

Ranking of the most sought pizzas


Examining this ranking, si può dedurre facilmente che tutti i lettori del nostro sito sono classificabili come assoluti “Buongustai” in search of perfection.

At the top of the ranking of the most read articles, spicca “a quale temperatura cuocere la pizza” a very good article that contains lots of useful information, hints and tips on pizza.

Il secondo posto è occupato dalla stabile e “Classica” pizza capricious. To my surprise, in third place is the Pepperoni Pizza, famous all over the world, more than in Italy, pizza feature that provides for the filling with a thin sliced ​​beef salami, slightly spicy, appunto chiamato “pepperoni”. This pizza is most needed and figure invariably in all the UK's menu, in the US and Australia.

In fifth place is the course of pizza Online. Are always more people who sign up to our valuable online course, if you know more, click here.

In sixth place, among the items sought, there is the classic recipe of the dough to make pizza. Al dodicesimo posto figura la supercalorica “pizza Carbonara”.

You can check at any time the statistics to date of this ranking, che è disponibile in tutte le pagine del sito sulla barra laterale “nera” left.

** data source: Google Analytics


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