How to Freeze Brewer's Yeast

How to Freeze Brewer's Yeast

How to Freeze Brewer's Yeast. Fresh yeast is widely used in kitchens all over the world, in bakeries, in pizzerias and at home. Do you remember that after the first lockdown (March 2020) has disappeared from the shelves of all supermarkets? And, just so, the smart ones bought it and froze it so as not to be without it.

As I have well explained to you in my previous article, it is possible to freeze the brewer's yeast fresh avoiding to let it expire in the refrigerator, since it has a very short shelf life.

How to Freeze Brewer's Yeast

Let's see today how to freeze fresh brewer's yeast avoiding unnecessary waste. Depending on the amount of dough you usually prepare, divide the yeast dough into smaller parts. The yeast stick usually weighs 25 grams, I usually divide it into 4 depart from 6 grams.

It is very important that the yeast is hermetically sealed before putting it in the freezer, preventing it from taking in air. Use cling film, the aluminum roll or your own wrapping paper.

How to use it

To defrost the brewer's yeast, just take it out of the freezer a few hours in advance, once thawed it may be softer than usual but don't worry, this will not affect the quality of the product.

Another method to quickly thaw it is to put it in a glass of warm water 30 degrees around, no longer hot. Many also add a teaspoon of sugar to activate leavening, but it is not essential.

The deadline

We know very well that beer yeast stored in the refrigerator follows its own expiration date which is usually short. But in the freezer? In the freezer, our brewer's yeast can last more than three months, but I always suggest you check before use that no mold has formed or that its color is perfect.

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