How To Keep Perfect Lemons Always

How To Keep Perfect Lemons Always

How To Keep Perfect Lemons Always. After buying the lemons we are left with a great doubt. Where to store them? In the fridge? Leave them out of the fridge on the fruit basket? Or freeze them?

What to do to keep them always hard and juicy? Today we will see together how to keep these fantastic for a long time citrus fruits.

How To Keep Perfect Lemons Always.

By far the best solution would seem to be to keep them indoors at room temperature. I recommend, away from heat and if possible also away from sunlight. Simply put them in a basket, not on top of each other and they will remain perfect for a long time. Only after ten days will they begin to discolour or you may notice some mold formation, if they have not been perfectly preserved.

The fridge: Unfortunately, the refrigerator is not the ideal place for keeping lemons, they will soon become dehydrated. Only vacuum packed would they keep well in the fridge, or in a basin with water to prevent them from becoming dry. I suggest changing the water every two or three days.

How To Keep Perfect Lemons Always
How To Keep Perfect Lemons Always

Other methods of conservation

The freezer: Unfortunately if frozen, once thawed, the lemons become mushy. A friend of mine squeezes them and turns them into lemon juice cubes. One solution could be to cut them into wedges, put them in the freezer on a sheet of parchment paper, and, once frozen you can put them in food bags.

The best solution, as always, is to buy a few at a time.


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