How to Store Basil

How to Store Basil

How to Store Basil. I would say that the basil is the king of the kitchen, main ingredient of pesto and decoration on almost all dishes before being presented to the customer.

The aromatic plant par excellence on pizza. Too bad that in contact with heat it blackens immediately. Today we will see how to solve once and for all this problem that worries us every day in the kitchen.

How not to make basil black

There is actually a fantastic way to prevent basil from blackening so quickly. It is a very easy trick, I would call it ... The boiling water trick.

Basil quickly turns black for one simple reason: Its leaves contain enzymes that accelerate the oxidation of plant tissues, so let's see how to deactivate these enzymes.

The boiling water system

Just dip the freshly picked leaves in a saucepan of boiling water for a few seconds (4/5) then immediately in cold water. Doing so will disable the enzyme responsible for blackening the leaves and our beloved basil will remain green for a long time.

This solution is recommended for all those who freeze basil and then reuse it later. After having subjected the basil to heat treatment, remove the leaves and place them on a tray spaced apart. Once frozen, place them in a tightly closed plastic food bag.


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