How to Prepare the Perfect Pizza Peppers

Who writes post handling food or recipes, should always be neutral as regards their food preferences, but alas when we get to pepperoni pizza can not resist .... It 's my favorite, certain ingredients can give special flavor to the pizzas, bacon, the speck, gorgonzola, anchovies, peppers.

pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni pizza

For some, The pepperoni pizza is very digestible, but they are so good that sometimes you are willing to pay this price just to eat.

After devoting ample space to Americana pizza pepperoni”, Today we see how to make a delicious pizza with peppers. In many pizzerias Italian peppers are combined with other ingredients for the topping pizza: Peppers and onion, peppers and tuna, peppers and zucchini, peppers and potatoes, combined with olives and anchovies, even with the onion and bacon.

pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni pizza with mozzarella

What I want to present today, is the most classic recipes, simple but delicious, pizza peppers.

Recipe of pepperoni pizza

To prepare this recipe we will have to wash the peppers, remove the seeds inside with the white part, Chop into small pieces and put them in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

pepperoni pizza
Chop the peppers

Add a handful of capers well washed and drained, season with salt and pepper and brown for about ten minutes.

pepperoni pizza
Fry the peppers in a pan for 10 minutes

Prepare the pizza dough as described in our previous article "dough for homemade pizza” .

Divide the dough into 4 balls and let rest for leavening in a container with a lid for an hour plentiful.

The drafting of the balls

For the drafting of the balls of pizza, we have ample space in this article, then, if you are not expert in doing this with your fingers, you can use a rolling pin to draft 4 discs of dough by the diameter of 30 cm.

Season the circles of dough with a generous layer of mozzarella and add the peppers prepared previously. Your pizza is ready to fire.

pepperoni pizza
Pepperoni pizza

**This pizza is delicious even without mozzarella. In case you decide to prepare it without, suggest you add the rosemary before baking.

pepperoni pizza
Pizza with pepperoni and mozzarella

Preheat your oven to good home 200 degrees before baking your pizza peppers. On average, the pizzas to the dish in the oven at home takes about 15 minutes to cook, Keep an eye on the doneness of the edge of the pizza,  when you turn out to be perfectly golden churn and serve your pizzas.

How to prepare your home pizza peppers? Give your recipe in the comments on this page.

Read more on peppers, you can consult wikipedia.