Pizza Rustica Bacon and Onions A Delicious

The bacon on pizza is a combination used always, after the war, in complete poverty, the luckiest added a bit 'of bacon and onion to enrich this delicious pizza rustica, see article on cacciannanze.

bacon pizza
Pizza with bacon and onions

Today pizza with bacon is proposed combined with many other ingredients, bacon and zucchini pizza, pizza bacon and mushrooms, with gorgonzola or with provolone. The pizza bacon and onions is definitely the pizza rustica Mediterranea most popular. To better suit the tastes of most customers, the classic white onion is often replaced with the red onion, that leaves no bad smell in the mouth.

bacon pizza
Tomato pizza, mozzarella, bacon and onion

Before starting with the preparation of this pizza, I would like to suggest a few tricks and tips for those who have little experience with the onions in the kitchen:


To slice the onion without "crying" is often enough to wet the knife blade under running water while slicing the onion. It is eaten raw, onions leave an unpleasant bad breath, but it will be enough to chew a clove to completely eliminate any residual odor. To eliminate the smell of onion residue on the hands, wash with soap Marseilles to which you add a teaspoon of coffee powder, and the same applies to remedy the garlic. To completely eliminate the smells of onion residue on dishes or platters, rub them with a carrot. To make it less pungent flavor of your onions, cut into slices and keep them immersed in cold water for a while ', taking care to squeeze them well before cooking. Another question that always leaves everyone with doubt is the following: But the sprouts are edible onions? Who knows how many times did you that onions previously purchased, staying long in pantry have sprouted, Do not throw away the sprouts, are very tasty and delicious, can replace the chives in your recipes or you can use them as decoration for your creations.

bacon pizza
A cake with bacon and onions

Now that you no longer afraid of the onion, we can go ahead with the preparation of our rustic "pizza bacon and onion".


Prepare the pizza dough according to the instructions of our post: Pizza dough.

Divide the dough into 4 balls and let rise for an hour in a container with lid.

bacon pizza
Dish pizza with bacon and onions

After the rising phase, roll out the balls of dough in 4 diameter discs 28/30 cm.

Pour the onion on the disks of dough, add the bacon into thin slices, or if you prefer, diced. Season with salt and pepper, then add needles rosemary Fresh.

Preheat the oven to 200/250 degrees and bake. After ten minutes check the doneness of your pizzas, when the board will prove to be perfectly golden, baked and served piping hot.

bacon pizza
Rustic pizza with bacon and onion

If you want to prepare a drink for your guests, there is no better pizza to be served with a bacon and onion cut into squares.

How to prepare the pizza bacon and onions to your house? Leave a comment on this page.

Would you like to learn more about onions, visit this page alimentipedia.

bacon pizza
A pizza with bacon onion and mozzarella

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