Make pizza with the bread machine

Are now many families who own the bread machine. Contrary to the name by which she was baptized, the bread machine can be used in the kitchen for a multitude of recipes and different preparations ranging from the preparation of the common basic bread to delicious cakes, lazy like me who uses it also to make delicious sauces for pasta, for the preparation of jams, to prepare the polenta, and for those who do not like getting their hands dirty, can use it simply to prepare the mixes, which subsequently can finish cooking in the oven at home.

The advantage of the bread machine, everything is enclosed in a timer, we set it at a certain time, and now that we will be ready freshly baked bread or any other product that we want to achieve. Think of all she, just put all the ingredients in a basket and push a button.

The bread machine is not smart, has a keyboard from which we set a machining program, and then the success or failure of a specific recipe only depend on us. They are all the same, regardless of make and model, programs have already pre-set: normal, rapid, express, integral, Cooking, confectionery, jams, off white.

In this post, see how make pizza with the bread machine.

There is no possibility of making mistakes, because the whole process is done automatically by pushing a simple button, we can only interact on the quality and quantity of ingredients.

Networked unfortunately the basic recipe of pizza is often distorted by housewives unprepared or pseudo chef, that add to the basic recipe ingredients strangest, as milk, honey, beer or even recommend the use of carbonated water to knead,not to mention the amount of yeast used, which varies from a few grams to the whole cube of 25 grams, but if we want to make a pizza, there is only a recipe, classical.

Ingredients to make-the-pizza-with-the-car-of-bread.

Place in the basket of the bread machine in the order in which the ingredients are listed:

Water 280 grams

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon salt

1 spoonful of sugar

Flour type "O" 500 grams

Brewer's yeast 5 grams

Bread machine

Stop ... .I feel sorry for you but there is nothing more to. If mixed with 17:00 your pizza will be ready to fire and consume the 20:00

Dough ready to be divided

After the phase of dough in the bread machine, pull out, dividetelo in 4 balls,

The balls of dough for pizza

cover with a tea towel and place in a warm place in the house (35 degrees around) to rest. I can advise you if you have no better than let it sit in your home oven with the light on, the heat produced by the small lamp in the oven will give the correct temperature so that the dough yeast.

If you want to learn more about leavening read this article.

All 19:45 pull out the dough from the place you have chosen for him to rest, flattened balls in round containers, taking care to push the dough from the center to the outside (without tearing), if you are not experienced, read This Post.

Pizza esplanade ready to fire

Season to taste and place in the oven to bake at home previously pre-heated to 200 degrees for 10 minutes or until the outer edge will prove to be golden.

If you want to know more about the bread and the bread maker consult wikipedia by clicking here