Focaccia With Dough pineapple

Focaccia With Dough pineapple

Focaccia With Dough pineapple. I really appreciate the pineapple flavor. In a post a few months ago, We have prepared a "Hawaiian Pineapple Pizza Recipe”, Pizza highly rated pizzerias around the world, today to stay on pineapple, We prepare a treat for your palate. A cake from the particular taste. We will start with a dough made with pineapple juice instead of water. Yeast 5 grams, sugar 20 grams, sale 30 g and a cup oil.

Focaccia With Dough pineapple
Focaccia With Dough pineapple

Mix flour with an average strength and let rise for at least 24 hours. The day following shows the mixture at room temperature and below roll out in disks.

Let rise again and bake the cakes in the oven at 300 degrees. The pineapple sweet smell that is caramellando in the oven will fill your kitchen. Tender and fragrant focaccia this really has the pineapple taste.

Focaccia With Dough pineapple

Follow carefully the explanatory video of the preparation of the dough with pineapple:

Well, the pineapple cake was served as a snack for children, and inventories were served along with a fruit aperitif.

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Focaccia With Dough pineapple