Convection or Fan-La Della Pizza Cooking

Convection or Fan-La Della Pizza Cooking. One of the most frequent questions I am asked by readers and readers of my site is as follows: To cook the pizza is better to use an oven static or ventilated?

It is a legitimate question, because the end result will influence the quality of the product. Before you give you a final answer, let's see what are the main differences between these two types of cooking

Convection or Fan-La Della Pizza Cooking
Convection or Fan-La Della Pizza Cooking

Convection or Fan-La Della Pizza Cooking

The main difference between static and ventilated oven lies in the heat distribution mode. The convection oven works for heat radiation, the heat is diffused through a resistor or other source of heat which is usually disposed in the upper or lower part of the oven. When cooking food in this cooking mode is slower, gently and homogeneously. By using the static oven so the food will be cooked well and dry both inside that outside it.

Bake in a static oven is simple, but we must remember that it is possible to cook one meal at a time.

Focaccia With Fresh Tomato and Tuna
Focaccia With Fresh Tomato and Tuna

Convection or Fan-La Della Pizza Cooking

Now to the convection oven: It works by convention, the fan creates a flow of hot air that creates a crispy crust on the food being cooked, while the interior of the food remains soft and moist. Unlike static oven, Here we can cook more dishes simultaneously.

Then, which we will choose the oven for cooking pizza? I would say that there is no single answer, but it will depend on the type of pizza that we want to prepare.

Convection or Fan-La Della Pizza Cooking

If you are a crispy pizza lovers, I recommend the convection oven. In all other cases I suggest the classic static oven, in fact, precisely this type of furnace is suitable for all types of food that require a slow and uniform cooking and dry both inside and outside, just like baking and sweets in general, so even our beloved pizza.

Here is a simple table to facilitate cooking your food and the choice of the type of oven:


Pane, buns, pizza, sponge, cakes, donut, sweets in general.


Baked pasta, roasted meat, baked fish, vegetables, tarts, cookies, sweet soft-hearted.

Convection or Fan-La Della Pizza Cooking

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