The Cost of A Margherita Pizza

The Cost of A Margherita Pizza

The Cost of A Margherita Pizza. In this period we do nothing but discuss what the right price of a pizza is, specifically of one pizza margherita.

Let's try to clarify once and for all how much it costs a pizza chef to prepare a margherita pizza step by step.

Let's look at the price of the ingredients

Let's start from the base, the disc of pasta, which before the war in Ukraine had a cost of approx 10 cents, today at the date of writing this article the price of a ball for a pizza base has almost doubled, passing to about 20 cents.

Tomato pizza: About eighty grams of tomato go on a margherita pizza, the average price of tomato for pizza goes from 50 to 70 cents per kilo, so you spend on average for each pizza 10 the 20 euro cents each pizza.

The Cost of A Margherita Pizza

Extra virgin olive oil: with the current market price of extra virgin olive oil, that goes from 8 to 16 euro for each liter, it spends on average 20 euro cents for oil.

Let's now move on to the most expensive topping used in the preparation of pizza, that is the mozzarella fiordilatte. The price per kilo varies a lot depending on the place of origin, but to make an average price let's say that mozzarella is worth about 8 euro per kilo. On a pizza they are used 100 grams of mozzarella, so the total price is approx 80 cents.

Other miscellaneous expenses

Basil is missing, therefore we also consider the two basil leaves, But above all, there is no VAT, the cup, the electricity costs if you use the electric oven, or wood if a wood-burning oven is used, all these expenses are not easy to quantify, because they vary with the different amount of work for each pizzeria.

We know with certainty that the cost of ingredients for a margherita pizza can vary from one euro using medium products and could go up to 2 euros using top ingredients, but it is very difficult.


Given the sale price of pizza margherita that goes from 5 to 7 euro, I would say it is a fair price. I remind you that we are talking about a popular food.

Appointment in a few days for more news about pizza.


Silvio Cicchi