Pizza With Ricotta and Sausage

Pizza With Ricotta and Sausage

Pizza With Ricotta and Sausage. Today we are with Maria, Brazilian. The Lady made a really delicious pizza, it is a pizza with fresh ricotta and sausage.

For my taste, the combination that involves the use of fresh ricotta which has little flavor, reinforced with our strongest sausage that manages to transmit its taste even to ricotta is an absolute delight.

What the preparation involves

After a careful drafting of the pizza, the tomato is added with the help of a spoon. It's time to add the fresh ricotta and sausage. A few cubes of mozzarella and go in the oven until you reach the perfect browning.

At this point all that remains is to take it out of the oven, add a few leaves of fresh basil and it is immediately ready to serve to your lucky customers.


Pizza With Ricotta and Sausage

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Conclusions on this delicious pizza

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Silvio Cicchi