Pizza Black and White Dessert

Pizza Black and White Dessert

Article Updated 4/10/2'22

Pizza Black and White Dessert. In Italian pizzerias, the request for a dessert pizza is “Weird thing”, The results of our statistics say that the dessert pizzas represent about 3% of pizzas sold.

The country where they are consumed as many dessert pizza is undoubtedly Brazil.

In our country the predominant role of sweet pizzas is certainly covered by the "focaccia with nutella”.


Pizza Black and White Dessert
Pizza Black and White Dessert

The recipe that I propose today there is a small variation of the focaccia alla nutella.

At our focaccia we added in addition to the classic chocolate hazelnut spread, a type of white chocolate, finally we added delicious crumbled chocolates bounty e mars.

truly exceptional result, not to mention the rich flavor. We do not mention the calories, For we may "scare", but you know that those who order this pizza does not mind some calories.

Pizza Black and White Dessert

In the video below, Marta who is attending the course professional for pizza makers at our laboratories School Pizza, decided to prepare a.

This recipe is very simple, Also suitable for those who ventured the first time in the preparation of the pizza at home.

After preparing the dough for pizza and leavened to perfection, roll out the dough to form the dough disks with a diameter of 33 cm. Add a pinch of salt and bake.

As soon as she reached the perfect golden brown, baked focaccia and let it cool for a few minutes.

Spread the chocolate black and white at your leisure, add the crumbled chocolate and cut into wedges before serving to your guests.

Pizza Black and White Dessert


On our site there is a good During pizzaiolo professional online, You can access the course at any time of the day. More information about the course, be found here.

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