Parisian Pizza With Ricotta and Tuna

Parisian Pizza With Ricotta and Tuna. Very good, fragrant, nice to see and very pleasant to taste. Too bad that many people do not know it. We've been busy in the past on our site of this delight, we did it who and who Two excellent articles that explain how to prepare this special pizza.

Today, we are given the incessant demands of our readers, I wanted to post the video of the preparation of the Paris, but with a pleasant variant.

Parisian Pizza With Ricotta and Tuna
Parisian Pizza With Ricotta and Tuna

For those who do not know it yet, I summarize briefly how it is made:

The Parisian Pizza is composed of two layers, the first layer prepared with a classic for pizza dough to which are added the ingredients that will be filling. The hat or cap that will cover the whole is done with puff pastry.

The classic Parisian is prepared with stuffed tomato and mozzarella, but in our case, for today's recipe we have prepared an exquisite filling Tomato, cottage cheese from cow and tuna slices in extra virgin olive oil.

Parisian Pizza With Ricotta and Tuna

This morning in our labs Our pizza school we have prepared a breakfast.

The preparation is very simple. First we laid out a ball of dough for pizza from a long maturation in cold storage. We added the tomato, cottage cheese and tuna crumbled. Covered all with the puff pastry, taking care to carefully close the edges to prevent leakage of the filling during cooking. We regularly practiced holes on the surface to have no problems of swelling during baking. A little oil extra virgin olive oil, salt and rosemary. Immediately in the oven for a few minutes and … Breakfast is ready.

Parisian Pizza With Ricotta and Tuna

The video of the preparation:





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