How Many Pizzas Can A Pizza Chef Make In An Evening

How Many Pizzas Can A Pizza Chef Make In An Evening

How Many Pizzas Can A Pizza Chef Make In An Evening. Tutti i miei allievi che partecipano ai miei corsi professionali per diventare pizzaiolo, prima che il corso termini hanno una domanda fissa da pormi.

The question they want to ask me takes a while to measure themselves and to see the state of preparation they have reached. Maestro, but how many pizzas can a pizza chef prepare at most in a working evening?

Verification of the skills of a pizza chef

Know that it is not easy to answer this question, Because? Precisely because not all pizzerias are the same, and when I say the same, I mean that we will have to examine the available space that the pizza maker has, the equipment, the capacity of the oven, the convenience of always having all the ingredients at hand.

Then we have to consider if you are working with a wood stove or an electric oven. As you well know, the wood-fired oven requires a lot of maintenance during its work, a small piece of wood to keep the flame alive, which must always be lit., a larger piece of wood to always keep the temperature high. All the time that is taken away from the preparation of the pizzas.

How Many Pizzas Can A Pizza Chef Make In An Evening

Allora non è proprio possibile calcolare quante pizze può preparare un pizzaiolo in una serata? Diciamo di sì. Un buon pizzaiolo che non prepara pizze quadrate ed è attento ai particolari, senza che bruci le pizze a metà 🙂 dovrebbe preparare circa 30 pizze per ora. Si può arrivare anche a 35 pizze l’ora se si è fortunati con qualche ordine ripetitivo, cioè che prevede 4 pizze uguali, senza molte varianti per intenderci.

La cosa cambia completamente se si avvicina un aiutante al pizzaiolo. I have seen pairs of well-knit pizza chefs get to produce too 100 pizzas in an hour, One in front of the oven and the other for the preparation and seasoning.

What if they were 3 the 4 pizzaioli?

Having only one oven available, unfortunately this places a limit on the production of pizzas. It is not true that doubling the number of pizza chefs doubles the pizzas produced. 3 or 4 pizza chefs having only one oven available can produce 120 pizzas about every hour.

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