Serve the customer the pizza cut into wedges

Serve the customer the pizza cut into wedges

Serve the customer the pizza cut into wedges. Lately, often going to dinner in a pizzeria, I notice that the bad habit of serving the pizza already cut into wedges at the table is gaining ground. In your opinion it is right or wrong?

But have you ever been served a plate of spaghetti already shredded?? I know this is going to seem really absurd to you, you can't serve a customer a plate of shredded spaghetti.

But then why the pizza yes?

During my professional practical courses in our school, addressing my students, I always recommend arranging the ingredients on the pizza evenly, trying to give it a decent look.

Last night they served me a pizza with rocket and raw ham, alas, already cut into wedges. Well you can never imagine what a horrible look it looked, try to imagine the rocket and the raw ham cut with the pizza cutter. A total havoc.

Serve the customer the pizza cut into wedges

Please don't follow this example, if you really like to cut pizza, first present it to the customer, then if you are asked to cut it you will.

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Silvio Cicchi